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Give guests control of the inroom TV with ease and style.
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Hospitality Products


MediaHub Mini
Connectivity panels with single
HDMI and auto input switching.
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Power & Charging

ta-7530 power-charging powerhub-usb US
Clever nightstand charging
solutions & bespoke units.
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Wireless Audio

White Sound Spot
Sleek Bluetooth speakers
for wireless audio.
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Wired Internet

Pull Through Pro TA-7300
Solutions to display and easily
access Ethernet cables.
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Wireless Internet

DeskPoint Pro TA-6950
DeskPoint Pro Access with
hotel features.
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TV Audio Systems

Premium speakers for enhanced
TV sound and guest experience.
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Hotel Retail

Give guests piece of mind when
they forget their cables or adaptors.
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Installation Products

Peerless Pro Bracket PP740
Everything you need to be plugged in
and placed perfectly for your guests.
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Customisable Remote Controls
Provide something extra to give
your guests the best experience.
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