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PAK-MHCKZIP-MN | MediaHub Mini Kit

pak-mhckzip-tl retail connectkit-2ConnectKit-2 has all the cables your guests might need to use the MediaHub Mini to its full potential.

Enhance Guest Experiences

pak-mhckzip-mn retail connect-kit-3 2
Today's hotel guests are checking in with mobile phones and tablets. Guests need to charge these devices while in their room, on a daily basis. So you provide a great charging amenity like TeleAdapt's ChargePort™ and PowerHub or TeleAdapt's new MediaHub Mini, allowing guests to comfortably use their devices with the in-room TV. Perfect right? But what do you do if your guests forget their cables as many guests do? The answer is ConnectKit-2.



ConnectKit-2 Includes;
  1. HDMI Cable
  2. Micro HDMI Adaptor
  3. Mini Audio Cable
  4. USB to Micro USB cable for charging

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MediaHub Mini
MediaHub Mini
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