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MediaHub SL+ Desktop


MediaHub SL+DesktopMediaHub SL+D is a low-profile, auto-switching, multi-cable connectivity panel which allows guests to connect their portable electronic devices to the in-room flat screen TV or sound system. Just like the MediaHub SL+, guests can play their own movies, music, games, and even business presentations on the in-room TV, but in a sleek and convenient desktop design.

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Enhance Guest Experiences

MediaHub SL+Desktop
The MediaHub SL+D gives your guests the same plug & play usability as the MediaHub SL+, but in a desktop version. Aswell as the high-current USB port provides maximum power for charging all of your guest's electronic devices, keeping them connected with their world.


MediaHub SL+Desktop

Guest-Facing Device Inputs

  1. HDMI In
  2. USB Charge
  3. VGA (RGB)
  4. Mini Stereo Jack
  5. Composite AV In
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