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Individual Power Adaptors


Power Adaptor and PackagingIndividual Power Adaptors.

Plug Configurations

 USA/Canada PWR-1013 USA/Canada PWR-1013
 USA/Japan PWR-1023 USA/Japan PWR-1023
 Euro Large PWR-1063 Euro Large PWR-1063
 Euro Small PWR-1153 Euro Small PWR-1153
Australia PWR-1033 Australia PWR-1033
 Denmark PWR-1083 Denmark PWR-1083
 India/Asia PWR-1073 India/Asia PWR-1073
 Italy PWR-1143 Italy
South Africa PWR-1163 South Africa PWR-1163
 Switzerland PWR-1133 Switzerland PWR-1133
 UK PWR-1043 UK
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