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Experience Wireless Music Streaming for Hotels At HD Expo, Booth #566

WATFORD, UK (May 12, 2010) – TeleAdapt is pleased to announce its wireless audio streaming exhibit will be at this month’s Hospitality Design Exposition and Conference in Las Vegas, presenting a way hotels can keep their guests connected without the need for cables orwires. At booth #566, hoteliers, designers and architects can experience wireless music streaming from their personal iPhone®, Blackberry® and other MP3-playing smartphone through MediaHub HD™ connectivity panel demo stations featuring Panasonic and Samsung displays.


Imagine relaxing in your hotel room to the sound of your favorite playlist streaming through the TV speakers from your iPhone or Blackberry and still having the freedom to keep the MP3- playing phone by your side to check email or answer calls. As the leading worldwide supplier of connectivity products for the hotel industry, that’s the guest experience TeleAdapt has created for travellers.

TeleAdapt focuses its business on trends in consumer electronics and how those trends translate to entertainment habits of hotel guests while traveling. Bluetooth® wireless audioplayback is becoming a widely popular consumer electronics feature, with more and more smartphones and Apple iPods supporting the technology. Numerous Bluetooth wireless stereoheadphones, wireless audio receivers and in-car wireless interfaces were also unveiled at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, providing consumers countless options for using Bluetoothwireless audio playback in the home and on the road.

MediaHub HD is the industry’s first connectivity panel to offer a wireless interface for the guest and has been installed in over 30 hotels to date. “Currently, there are no other options available for hotels as simple as ours for wireless connectivity,” explains TeleAdapt CEO Gordon Brown. “Media connectivity used to be plug and play. Now, it’s just play!”

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