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TeleAdapt Celebrates 20 Years of Keeping Your World Connected

WATFORD, UK (April 20, 2012) –TeleAdapt, a leading innovator in guestroom connectivity technology for hotels, celebrates its twenty-year anniversary this month. Since its humble beginnings in April 1992, TeleAdapt has continually evolved its line of simple and easy-to-use guest-facing access points for Internet, Power and Multimedia connectivity. This year, TeleAdapt continues its mission to keep hotel guests connected by adding a number of new products for hotels looking to enhance their connectivity options in the guestroom, including the new ChargePoint™ desktop power solution, MediaHub SL™ slim-line connectivity panel, iDock™ auto-TV-switching iDevice AV dock, and DeskPoint Pro™ wireless Internet access point.


“Our focus has, and always will be, connectivity for travelers,” said Gordon Brown, CEO and managing director of TeleAdapt. “TeleAdapt began with my wife and I building telephone adapters in our garage, selling them to the army of business travelers in need of connecting to the over 40 different telephone sockets around the world for a dial-up Internet connection. “Over the years we have seen travel technology needs evolve as more sophisticated travel companion devices help travelers use Wi-Fi to consume digital mobile media, access cloud computing and use wireless AV communications.I attribute TeleAdapt’s continued success to our team’s ability to anticipate global consumer technology trends and their influence on the traveller so we can respond with thoughtful connectivity solutions that enhance hotel stays and make sense for a hotel infrastructure.”

In the 1990’s, TeleAdapt became the leading supplier of international adapter kits to modem manufacturers and Fortune 500 companies, helping their customers and employees connect to the Internet from anywhere in the world. At the turn of the century, the global shift from dial-up to broadband led TeleAdapt to manufacture high-speed Internet connection solutions for laptop users to easily access broadband while in their guestrooms. In 2004, Cox Hospitality Network chose TeleAdapt as their sole supplier of HSIA access point, servicing their 45,000 guestrooms in Las Vegas, Nevada. And, in 2007, with Wi-Fi being a fast-moving target in the hospitality space, Venetian installed 10,000 TeleAdapt DeskPoint™ wireless HSIA access points throughout their Las Vegas and Macau properties.

Today, TeleAdapt’s connectivity solutions extend beyond Internet access as smartphones and tablets take center stage in cloud computing and digital media play for business and leisure travelers of all ages, class and location. TeleAdapt has delivered connectivity products to nearly three million hotel guestrooms around the globe for Internet access, multimedia TV connectivity, iDevice audio/video connectivity, power panels and charging stations. “I am proud to say TeleAdapt has helped hotels worldwide keep their guests connected,” continues Brown. “I look forward to the what the future holds for TeleAdapt and the impact of mobile device technology will have on hospitality over the next twenty years!”



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