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TeleAdapt gains endorsement by Middle East Hoteliers

DUBAI, UAE (July 16, 2010) In the story, Starwood is reported as anticipating the growing momentum of media connectivity products such as TeleAdapt's MediaHub product line. Rainer Weinberg, Aloft Abu Dhabi's director of operations, explains, "We recognize that being able to connect laptops and media players is extremely important for our guests. We have therefore equipped our guest rooms with a plug and play device connected to a 42 inch LCD TV."


Hotelier Middle East also shares the opinion of Samir Abi Frem, Rotana corporate vice president for information technology: "Guests arrive at the hotel with all the technology they need. The challenge is to find a way to integrate their devices into the existing in-room hotel systems... For example, our guests can connect their media devices to our in-room audio-visual equipment to create a more homely experience."

TeleAdapt's Middle East Regional Manager Inam Haider continues the conversation about the guest experience, saying "they want to enjoy their own media choices on the in-room TV without feeling like they have to crack into a safe in order to do it."


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