Documents and other resources that are related to hotel products.

Hotel Collection Brochure 2021
TeleAdapt Hotel Collection R13.pdf
10 Watt In-desk Wireless Charger
TA-8210 In-Desk Qi Charger Datasheet.pdf
TA-8210 User Manual.pdf
10 Watt On-desk Wireless Charger
TA-8200 On-Desk Qi Charger Datasheet.pdf
TA-8200 User Manual.pdf
ChargePort Classic for USA
TA-7800US ChargePort Classic Datasheet.pdf
TA-7800US ChargePort Classic Vertical Datasheet.pdf
TA-7800 ChargePort Classic Installation Guide.pdf
ChargePort Classic Universal
TA-7800U ChargePort Classic Datasheet.pdf
ChargePort Duo
TA-8250 ChargePort Duo Datasheet.pdf
TA-8250 Install Guide.pdf
ChargeRise Hotel
TA-15H ChargeRise Hotel Datasheet.pdf
ChargeTime Plus
TA-7850 ChargeTime Plus Datasheet.pdf
TA-7850 ChargeTime Plus User Guide.pdf
ChargeTime USB C
TA-7835 ChargeTime USB-C Datasheet.pdf
TA-7835 Install Guide.pdf
iHome HiH35B
iHome HiH50B
TA-9212 HiH50 Spec TA.pdf
iHome HW22
TA-9322 HW22 Spec-TA.pdf
iHome HW2B
TA-9301 iHome HW2B Datasheet.pdf
iHome HW5B
TA-9311 iHome HW5B Datasheet.pdf
JBL Horizon 2
TA-HORIZON2 (C) Datasheet.pdf
MediaHub UHD
TA-3360 Datasheet.pdf
TA-3360 In Room Guide.pdf
Trim Extender Compatibility.pdf
MediaHub UHD - Install Guide.pdf
MediaHub UHD and PoE Module
MediaHub UHD with POE Datasheet.pdf
MediaHub UHD Desktop
TA-3360D Mediahub Desktop.pdf
PowerHub E for USA
PowerHub Extender with MediaHub UHD
CKIT-MHMC-EXT MediaHub UHD Extender.pdf
PowerHub Mini Extender with MediaHub UHD
PowerHub Mini for USA
TA-7541US PowerHub Mini Datasheet v2.pdf
TA-7541US Install Guide v1.2.pdf
CKIT-MHMC2-EXTN Cutout Sheet.pdf
PowerHub Mini Universal
TA-7541U PowerHub Mini Datasheet v2.pdf
TA-7541U Install Guide 1.2.pdf
CKIT-MHMC2-EXTN Cutout Sheet.pdf
PowerHub RJ45 for EU & UK
TA-7500EK PowerHub RJ45 Datasheet.pdf
TA-7500 Install Guide.pdf
TA-7500 Cutout.pdf
PowerHub RJ45 for UK
TA-7500UK PowerHub RJ45 Datasheet.pdf
TA-7500 Install Guide.pdf
TA-7500 Cutout.pdf
PowerHub USB C for USA
TA-7540 PowerHub USB-C Datasheet.pdf
TA-7540 PowerHub USB-C Installation Guide.pdf
TA-7540 PowerHub USB-C Trim Options.pdf
PowerHub USB C Universal
TA-7540U PowerHub USB-C Universal Datasheet.pdf
Sound Rise II Hotel
SoundRise Classic
TA-14H SoundRise Classic Datasheet.pdf
TA-14H SoundRise Classic Install Guide.pdf
SoundRise Hotel
TA-08H SoundRise Hotel Datasheet.pdf
TA-08H SoundRise Hotel Install Guide.pdf
TA-3377 Twin USB Charger Datasheet.pdf