PowerNomad XLs
PowerNomad XLs

PowerNomad XLs

PowerNomad XLs

The XLs smart box works in tandem with the XL or XLe to ensure your essential home appliances remain powered even if the grid supply fails.



PowerNomad XL/XLe Specifications


Net Weight

~34Kg (~75lbs)



Discharge temp. range

-20 to 45°C ± 3°C

Charge temp. range

0 to 45°C ± 3°C



AC input (US)

100-120VAC, 60Hz, 15A

AC input (UK/ZA)

230-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 10A

DC PV inputs (x2)

13-45VDC, 12A

DC Car charging

12V/24VDC, 8A by default

PowerNomad XL/XLe Specifications


AC Power Output

3000W peak. 1800W pure sine

AC outlets (UK, ZA)

220-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 16A

AC outlets (US)

100-120VAC, 50Hz, 20A

USB-A1/A2 sockets

5VDC/3A, 9VDC/2A, 12VDC/1.5A

USB-A3/A4 sockets


USB-C1/C2 sockets

5,9,12,15VDC/3A, 20VDC/5A

Other outlets

Anderson, car, DC5521x2

Other inputs

AC, solar, car, expansion (XLe)


432x270x300mm (17x10.6x11.8in)


~22Kg (~48.5lbs)

PowerNomad XLs Operation

Normal Operation

When the grid supply is operating normally the PowerNomad XLs provides power to all appliances on both normal and backup circuits. At the same time solar panels can keep the PowerNomad XL/XLe/E topped up.

Grid Supply Failure 

In the event of the grid supply failing then PowerNomad XLs steps in and provides power from the PowerNomad XL/XLe to essential appliances on the backup circuit.

Grid Supply Restored

When the grid supply is restored PowerNomad XLs routes the grid power to both normal and backup circuits and any excess power will be used to replenish the PowerNomad XL/XLe/E.


PowerNomad E

Expansion modules for XLe

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